April 29, 2010

Is It Gossip Girl Or The OC?

Gossip Girl is starting to bare some of the same annoying, slightly obnoxious qualities The OC showed as it was heading towards its demise. Truthfully, I was only able to get through 15 minutes of this week's episode before falling asleep (yes that means I went to bed at 9:15 on Monday). Maybe it got better, and I am being too quick to judge, but I seriously doubt it.

This being said, I would hate for Gossip Girl to have the same short life as The OC, a show I truly enjoyed. But GG is following the same patterns and unless it does something now, I don’t see it making it past another season. But I guess it’s inevitable that the two would be similar, as they were both created by Josh Schwartz, though he also co-created Chuck, which has no similarities to the other two.

The most glaring issue is Serena's character, which is eerily similar to that of Marissa Cooper. Serena jumps from one guy to another, falling deeply and madly in love each week, yet I don't feel her connection to any of them. She is playing Nate, the same way Marissa played bad-boy Ryan Atwood, season after season. Now (from what I saw of this week's episode) Serena is keeping her dad a secret, and pushing Nate into the arms of little Jenny Humphrey.

The OC took care of Marissa’s repetitive story lines, by killing her off. I am not against using the same tactic on Serena.

Ahh Jenny, I once loved you so much. Now she is simply a spoiled brat, very much like Marissa's little sis Kaitlin. Coincidentally, Kaitlin was played by Willa Holland, who has appeared on GG as Agnes Andrews, Jenny's frenemy that got her drugged up a few weeks ago. I truthfully don't get Jenny's issue. I blame it on lack of a mother figure.

Then there is Chuck and Blaire, the alternate universe, devious versions of Seth and Summer. We know they will inevitably be together, despite trading each other in to keep a hotel or going away to college, so why bother with the dramatics? Dan Humphrey also bares and uncanny resemblance to Seth, as both fill the sexy nerd quota for the series.

And of course, Gossip Girl throws in the obligatory parent story line, as Lily hides her battle with cancer and reignited relationship with Serena's dad from Rufus. At one point I loved Rufus, but he has become grumpy and petulant. One point goes to Peter Gallagher, who remained true to his humble roots up until the end.

The OC only made it through four seasons. Gossip Girl is currently in its third season, and in my opinion quickly running out of story lines. If it doesn’t shape up soon we could be saying goodbye to the Upper West Side next year.

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