April 21, 2010

Idol: Crystal Bowersox Wins With Tears

Crystal Bowersox did something on last night’s American Idol that no contestant so far this season has been able to do – she made me like her.

It wasn’t her singing, though she did do a great rendition of “People Get Ready,” but on a night where the theme was inspirational songs, Crystal differentiated herself by finally letting her guard down and showing her emotions. This is something most of the contestants have been unable to do this season.

By the end of her performance, Crystal, who generally doesn’t stray from her laid-back, Mama Sox persona, was actually sobbing. Up until this week, even though Crystal has consistently been miles ahead of the other contestants, I wasn’t certain she could actually win. I thought Big Mike, with his lovable Teddy Bear personality, would steal the title. But those sobs, which she attributed to her dad being in the audience, very likely gave her the crown.

After nine seasons we might as well face the truth, you cannot win American Idol without being well liked. If that wasn’t the case Jennifer Hudson could have easily been a top contender back in Season 3.

Crystal also shook things up last night by performing for the first time sans instrument, proving she doesn’t need to hide behind a guitar or piano (as some have argued). Instead she brought with her the mic stand she has used for every performance before her days on Idol. She even traded in her hippy skirts for an elegant black gown.

Crystal’s transformation from stoic indie chick to an emotionally connected mom with an amazing voice is really what Idol is all about.

Predictions for this week: bottom three will be Aaron, Tim and Siobhan, with Aaron going home.

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