September 1, 2008

OTH: Not Another Scary Movie

Just when I thought One Tree Hill was sticking with the typical prime time teen drama format, it goes back to scary horror movie. Creepy stalker nanny is back after running over Dan and abducting him, trapping him in her house and playing nurse with torture devices. Evil nanny is still obsessed with Jamie and plans to use Grandpa Dan to get him back.

And if the needles and scorched fork weren't enough, Brooke gets attacked by someone we can only imagine her mother hired to deter her from pursuing taking over Clothes Over Bros (or to get back at Milicent for calling her an "evil bitch").

And next week does not look any sunnier, as previews show Brooke black-eyed, along with shots of guns and themes of revenge. There is no way I can sit through another episode of crazy nanny stealing Jamie.

I really thought the writers of OTH had their full of scaring their viewers after Peyton's reoccurring psycho stalker. If this season is anything like Season 4, where I spent most of the episodes covering my eyes, I don't think I can watch.

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