September 16, 2008

OMG Dylan!

Yes that's what I shouted at the TV when I found out that Kelly had her son Sammy with none other than Dylan McKay! While I was pretty convinced that it was Brandon's child, I couldn't be happier for the prospect of my first crush making an appearance on the show. Fingers crossed!

I think the writers of the new 90210 are starting to realize that the only compelling aspect of the spin off is the storyline between the old cast. There is just very little attachment to the new teens, their relationships or heartache. I can see the same drama (and much more) on Gossip Girl.
The only other remotely exciting part of tonight's episode is when Brenda walked into the cafeteria at West Beverly High and said, "It's like I can still hear the chanting, 'Donna Martin graduates.'" Really who doesn't fondly recall that chant as though it was yesterday?

With the possibility of Dylan returning in the near future that could only mean one thing - cat fight between Brenda and Kelly! And really, whether it's the 1990s or 2008, a Brenda/Kelly brawl never goes out of style.

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