September 2, 2008

An Ode to the 90210 of Yore

The show that paved the way for The OC, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl is back and still breaking ground.

While I have been eagerly anticipating the return of 90210 for weeks, I held my breath as the familiar theme song began to play. I seriously doubted the new version could be as good as the original and expected old fans would be disappointed by the new class at West Beverly Hills High and first-time viewers would deem the show a so-so copycat of Gossip Girl.

But the new 90210 is the perfect blend of 90s reminiscing and modern drama. The show starts the same way it did in 1990 - two teens (this time from Kansas instead of Minnesota) arrive in Beverly Hills and are shocked by the escapades of their rich peers. But it doesn't take long for the new kids on the block to become entangled in the drama.

From the get go we immediately get a dose of original 90210: the daughter of Andrea Zuckerman is host of the school's TV news program, Annie and Naomi (this millenniums Brenda and Kelly) grab a cup of coffee at The Pitch Pit, which is still run by Nat, Naomi throws her not so Sweet 16 at The Peach Pit After Dark, Erin Silver (Kelly and David's baby sister) is all grown up and emo, and Kelly (now the guidance counselor) makes fun of Rob's (the principle) "flock of seagulls haircut" (Personally, I thought Brandon and Dylan were hot with their poofy frocks).

And while reunion of Brenda and Kelly in The Pit was a bit cheesy, for me, and I am sure millions of nostalgic 90210 fans, it was an iconic moment in TV history.

But the show didn't just cater to the original fans, it grabbed a new generation, of what I hope will be 90210 lovers for years to come, with blogging drama, jets to San Francisco, blow jobs in the school parking lot and drug deals via text books. It was almost as scandalous as Kelly's rape confession circa Season 1.

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