September 1, 2008

Gossip Girl Filled With PDA

Tonight everyone seemed PDA - Pretty Damn Angry - on Gossip Girl.

Chuck was pissed at Blair for getting a fake boyfriend who turned out to be a Lord to make him jealous. Blair was mad at Chuck for abandoning her at the airport for a hot decorator and then for not admitting he loves her because hell, he's Chuck Bass.

The Lord was annoyed with Blair for using him to get back at Chuck. Blair was mad at the Lord for lying about his royalty status.

Jenny was mad at her boss for ignoring her work and treating her like a slave throughout the summer. Bitchy boss was pissed that Jenny showed up at the Hampton's White Party, and even angrier when she found out Jenny actually belonged.

Serena was mad at Nate for dating a married woman twice his age. Nate was mad at Serena for not wanting to cover for his escapades. The married woman was annoyed at Nate for kissing Serena to make her jealous. Nate was pissed at the married woman for ending their summer fling.

Dan was livid at Serena for kissing Nate to make his married lover jealous. Serena was mad at Dan for hooking up with numerous random girls during the summer who then called him out during the White Party.
With all of these fumes, there is bound to be a fire.

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