September 1, 2008

Back to TV

Ahh the smell of freshly sharpened pencils is in the air, which could only mean one thing: fall premiers are on the horizon. Tonight television kicks-off with Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, but the season is jam packed with old favorites, the return of long-lost classics and some newbies that are sure to add some spice to the lineup.

Gossip Girl (Monday, 9/1 - 8 p.m. The CW)
Welcome back Upper East Siders, the summer is over and Manhattan's elite are hitting the books (or each other). When we left Chuck, Blair, Serena, Dan and Jenny they were getting ready to spend the summer single and recouping from breakups/frenemies/weddings/departing dads.

I attended GG's premier party at Henri Bendel's last weekend (where costume designer Eric Daman unveiled his window display based upon the teen series) and got a chance to chat with Taylor Momsen (aka Little Jenny). Decked out in a biker-chic ensemble, which she said was inspired by Joan Jett, Momsen dished about fashion, the cast and most importantly, what's in store for season 2.

"Jenny is going through a lot of changes," she said. ""She's been interning for Eleanor Waldorf the whole summer."

As a slave to Blair's mom, Jenny learns a thing or two (and maybe some secrets) and Momsen promises the season "will be even more scandalous than the first."

As for the rest of the gang - according to previews, Nate spends the summer with a mystery woman in the Hampton's, Chuck is back to his old ways but still is secretly harping for Blair, Serena is mopey and alone and Dan is not so lonely with a new love interest. If you can't wait until tonight, the first five-minutes of the premier is available on The CW's Web site.

One Tree Hill (Monday, 9/1 - 9 p.m. The CW)
Tonight we will finally find out who Lucas called at the end of Season 5 to accompany him to Las Vegas - was it Peyton, Brooke or Lindsay? I am filling in the "none of the above" bubble. And did Dan survive being run down by a car. I hope not, but my guess is yes, as nothing seems to kill this man. While the writing continues to be on point, in it's sixth season, I am not sure what is left for the all-grown-up gang, but I predict this could be the show's last season premier.

90210 (Tuesday, 9/2 - 8 p.m. The CW)
It's back - along with some old friends. Brenda and Kelly, the original frenemies, are returning to my favorite zip code. While it's my most anticipated premier of the season, I hope it doesn't become the West Coast version of Gossip Girl. I think it will be difficult to turn this old favorite into a new hit, especially with so many other rich snobs vying for teens attention. I anticipate the spin off won't make it past the first season, but my fingers crossed.

Privileged (Tuesday, 9/2 - 9 p.m. The CW)
A new face to the fall lineup, Privileged, chronicles the adventures of Megan Smith, a Yale alum who was just fired from her tabloid magazine job and forced to be a nanny/babysitter/tutor for two bratty rich teens. One can only predict Megan and the girls go from enemies to bffs and back throughout the course of the season. I am picturing Charles in Charge meets The Nanny Diaries.

Greek (Tuesday, 9 p.m. ABC Family)
The season premier aired last week, and all I have to say is I cannot stand Evan and Frannie. When Casey saw the two kiss at the Greek games, I felt the wind knocked out of me. But Rebecca Logan, who is dealing with the her father's sex scandal, is surprisingly growing on me, as is her relationship with Cappie. As of now, I can't see Casey with either love interest, but as we have learned, that can always change.

Pushing Daisies (Wednesday, 10/1 - 8 p.m. ABC)
While the show only had a short stint before the writer's strike, it was picked up for a second season. Staring the adorable Lee Pace (Ned), the show focuses on a man who can bring people back from the dead through a single touch. But touch them a second time, and they die again, this time for good. If you didn't watch the show last season, I suggest catching up before the season starts on Oct. 1.

Ugly Betty (Thursday, 9/25 - 8 p.m. ABC)
Did Betty accept Henry's marriage proposal or spend the summer in Italy with Geo? My bet is she got on a plane, but with neither guy. I think Betty spent the summer exploring what and whom she wants and will come back with a new outlook on a life, and maybe a new love interest. But secretly I hope she ends up with Geo, who I despised at first, but developed a crush on once he got his haircut.

Desperate Housewives (Sunday, 9/28 - 9 p.m. ABC)
With only one phenomenal episode last season (The Tornado), Desperate Housewives sadly took a flop in Season 4. While the flash forward at the end of last season showed some promise, I do not expect much for Season 5.