July 19, 2008

SYTYCD: Jessica Bails

It was an interesting week on So You Think You Can Dance. After breaking bones in her rib cage Jessica resigned from the competition. Personally, I think her "injury" is a cover for her being fed up with being constantly bashed by the judges . I think the real reason for her backing out was Mia Michael's harsh critique the week before, that Will must be tired of carrying her through the competition. But in reality, Jessica had to know she wasn't very good and probably wasn't making it to next week.

So Comfort returned to replace Jessica, and shockingly beat out Kherington for the top 8 slot. Sure Comfort's hip hop routine with Twitch was one of the best dances of the night, but week to week she has definitely been weaker than Kherington.

Sadly Gev was also sent home over Marc. While Marc is definitely unique, I think Gev's solo was fantastic and overall is more entertaining to watch.

After this week I think it is clear who will be the four finalists - Will, Katee, Chelsea and Twitch.

Will and Katee's pas de deux stole the show. Technically they are head and shoulders above the competition and think they will be the two left battling for the title of America's favorite dancer.

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