July 23, 2008

Gossip Girl Goes Back Online

Well, I am relieved. The CW has lifted the ban on streaming Gossip Girl on its Web site. The TV network originally decided to stop streaming the show in April in an effort to improve ratings at it's regular Monday 8 p.m. slot.

This caused major problems in my life last season when both GG and the ABC Family original show Greek were on at the same time. I was so annoyed that A) they moved GG from Tuesday to Monday and B) took the show off line, that I actually decided to watch Greek at its normal time, and *Gasp*, VHS GG. (Let it be known that I still have not been able to figure out how to watch a show and record another show on my TiVo).

Just as my best friend and I were trying to figure out how she would go to law school in the fall and have time for Gossip Girl, the CW is kind enough to bring it back to the Internet.

While there is no way I would miss an episode of Serena, Blaire, Chuck, Dan, Nate and little Jenny running around the NYC, what happens if in the fall I decide to get a life? Okay, that won't happen, but now I can watch the show from both my couch and over and over again at work. Ahh the beauty of the Internet!

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