June 9, 2008

Tears for Little Ali

Poor little Ali Lohan, being "tortured" by the Mean girls. After this week's Living Lohan I am wondering if E! wants us to actually feel bad for the mini-Lindsay, or do they realize how utterly ridiculous the whole thing is and just want us to get joy out of mocking her and Dina?

And if the edited sequences of Ali being taunted by these girls weren't bad enough, Dina's incessant harping on the phrase "Mean Girls" as the poster for the movie with Lindsay's face hung in the background, brought it over the edge.

To make Ali feel better about being teased she took her to the Impact Group, a club where kids gather to create music, art and dance. Really, I am surprised the group didn't make her feel worse. Compared to these kids who had real talent, Ali looked like a fool. Why is she the one getting a record deal when these teens easily sang and dance circles around her?

Even better, Dina joined in, showing off her dance moves, and proving yet again she is Mama Rose, pimping out her daughters for her own fame.

But, alas, there was a moral of the story: Don't let anyone interfere in your dream, especially those pesky mean girls.

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