June 25, 2008

SYTYCD: Where are the TiVo Moments?

Another week and still no "wow" moment.

The contestants are great technicians, but I have yet to see a dance that moves me in the same way as the infamous bench dance, Lacey and Kameron's contemporary number or Neil and Sabra's table dance. Maybe I am being too hard on the dancers. Maybe it's the choreographers' fault. Maybe they aren't providing the contestants with routines that really showcase their capabilities. While Nigel and the rest of the judges continue to praise the choreographers, so far I actually think this is the weakest season in terms of routines.

Whatever the problem, there has yet to be a number that I am eager to rewatch dozens of times on TiVo.

But now, on to the dancers.

Kherington and Twitch

I am a big fan of the couple, but unlike the judges, I was bored by this hip hop routine. For being Twitch's genre, it just wasn't as good as the past two weeks and definitely not worth a Mary Murphy scream.

Courtney and Gev

Oh how I love when the breakers blush. I said it before Nigel did, Gev reminded me exactly of Dominic, who was clapping and smiling in the audience. I enjoyed the rumba, but I don't know if I was intrigued more by the dance or Courtney's bear-all dress.

Comfort and Chris

I love when Tyce does raw jazz. While I fell in love with Chris in the opening video clip, I actually thought Comfort did a better job with the routine. I agree with Mary that the dance started strong, but started to lager towards the middle and end.

Jessica and Will

So I don't think Jessica should be joking around during rehearsal considering she has been forgettable throughout the entire competition. While some of the tricks in the disco number were entertaining, she definitely could have used more practice. But it was cute, even if a bit awkward, when she tried to cover up Will's fall.

Kourtni and Matt

To my dismay Mia Michaels wasn't the contemporary choreographer this week. Instead she was replaced by guest judge Sonya. When Cat Deely teased before the commercial that Kourtni and Matt would be dancing a contemporary routine, I really got excited and thought this would be the show-stopper I have been waiting for. Instead I got a rather odd (and not in a quirky Mia way) number, performed technically correct but rather flat. I think I have given up on Kourtni and would not mind seeing her go this week.

Chelsea and Thayne

The quick step is definitely one of the harder dances to draw from the hat and while they gave it their all, I predict they will once again find themselves in the bottom three.

Chelsie and Marc

Without out a doubt my favorite routine of the night. The combination of Chelsie and Marc, one of my favorite couples, the Leona Lewis song Bleeding Love, and Tabitha and Napoleon's hip hop with emotion, won me over. Chelsie was phenomenal and definitely my favorite girl dancer of the season.

Katee and Joshua

Katee and Joshua proved they are capable of nailing any routine. Their samba was both sexy and enjoyable. Once again I expect they will be safe.

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Kat said...

i'm more than a little bit into the one's who did bleeding love and i'm officially into tabitha and what's his name.