June 5, 2008

SYTYCD: Completely Uninvested

On our way home from work on Thursday, my sister and I eagerly mapped out who we expected to make it into the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance. Among our favorites: Evan Kasprzak (Gene Kelly, Broadway-divo phenomenon), Kelli Baker (my mom choreographed High School Musical), Cooper Zamorano (the Travis Wall of Season 4), and Brandon Bryant (I should be in Alvin Alley's company). We expected these four to be shoe-ins for the top 20, and went so far as to predict that one of them would take home the title of America's favorite dancer (which really, I always thought was a dumb title to begin with anyway).

So you could imagine our devastation as one-by-one each were turned down, some not even on camera. The worst part: they were barely seen throughout the entire 2-hour Vegas episode. Maybe if I would have witnessed Evan be a "hot mess" during Mia Michael's lyrical routine (though he couldn't possibly be), I could come to terms with the loss, but the show's producers couldn't even give me that closure.

As the last two boys shuffled onto the stage my sister and I angrily shouted at the tv, "Where's Cooper?" Having assumed he easily flew through each round and would be shown when the judges announced the top 20, we were shocked that he disappeared so quietly.

So I ask Nigel, why showcase these dancers early on only, have me fall in love with them, only to then take them from me and break my heart?

Instead more than half of the dancers chosen have yet to be show cased on the show. No back story. No quirky personality or my mother died so now I wear her face on my shirt at every audition.

Now all we have left to root for is Twitch and the girl who looks like Uma Thurman. And how about 19-year-old "this is my second time auditioning I am never doing this again" Katee? Not only did I want her friend to make it after that comment, but do the judges expect anyone to like her come voting next week? Maybe they don't and that's why they put her through. Reality television always needs the person we love to hate.