June 9, 2008

Stay Pink, Stay Positive

I wouldn't call myself a theater snob, but I was completely and utterly against ever seeing Legally Blonde on Broadway. Sure I loved the movie (and the sequel), but I couldn't fathom spending money to watch a musical version, even if it was nominated for a gazillion Tony's. That is until I saw the first episode of MTV's Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods. Reminiscent of last summer's Grease: You're the One That I Want, which casted Danny and Sandy in the revival of the classic show, the Legally Blonde version pits 15 peppy hopefuls to compete for their debut Broadway role. As expected, there are a lot of blonds and pink floating around on stage, and there are bound to be some diva fights. But during the early rounds of the competition the girls had to sing the Act I finale, "So Much Better," which I actually found to be catchy and quite addicting (I've watched it on YouTube over a dozen times at this point). If nothing else, this reality show could introduce Broadway lovers and non-lovers alike, to a show they would have otherwise snubbed.

Check out the Act I finale:

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