June 20, 2008

So Long Susie

Well Susie has finally been cut! All I have to say is it's about time. The salsa dancer may be hot in Miami, but on the L.A. stage she just didn't cut it. I guess it's back to the high school.

But I was a little disappointed with the judges decision to cut Marquis instead of Chris. His solo was the first time the audience got a chance to see what Marquis can do, and I thought it was the best of the bottom three males.

I have to say, while I love a good male contemporary dancer, there seems to be a lot of them this year, none of which are bringing anything especially new or exciting to the show. Chris' solo was decent and Thayne's efforts to be a Benji-Travis mix fall short.

Comfort's solo looked like anything you could see by an average dancer in a club. I was a bit shocked when the judges acknowledged they were keeping her based upon her performance in the group opening number.

While I am not a fan of Chelsea, she definitely had the best solo of the girls.

So we lose another couple. Nothing changes for the top 16, and I am still left hoping the show gets better next week.