June 10, 2008

Once again we have another reality show that is trying to pass off seasoned professionals as newbies to the stage.
During the beginning of the first episode of Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods, host Haylie Duff said, "You girls have never been on Broadway."
Well according to their bios, two of them have. Rocker Celina was actually on Broadway four times, while Reese Whitherspoon clone, Emma, was the understudy for the role of Anne in La Cage Aux Folles and got to perform in the show 30 times before it closed.
I guess it is not beneath MTV to play such a dirty trick, but I wonder why did Duff even utter
the unnecessary lie in the first place?
Getting to this week's elimination, I agree with Cassie O being sent home. She didn't look the part at all, and her audition was rather bland. But I also thought rocker Celina should have been in the bottom three instead of Cassie S. She looks nothing like Elle Woods and, quite frankly, annoys me. I think the strongest contestant is Bailey by a long shot, and would bet we will see her in the finale and very likely as Elle Woods on Broadway.

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