June 9, 2008

Like New Year's Eve, Greek Didn't Live Up To The Hype

Aside from a few laugh-out-loud moments, Greek has lost its spark. I have been disappointed with the ABC Family Chanel series for the past three episodes, and the season finale wasn't much better.

The first season was constantly on the mark, making me put aside my dislike for the Greek system, and come season 2, I even decided to watch the show at its regularly scheduled time, leaving Gossip Girl for TiVo.

Sure I chuckled tonight as Ashleigh referred to her credit card as "Theresa Visa" and spent all vacation searching for the "hotness monster," and I applaud the writers for throwing in some current events in for the kiddies by involving Senator Logan in a high-end prostitution ring a la Elliot Spitzer, but overall the season finale left me wanting something more. The cliche of Casey (once again alone come season finale) and Ashleigh running into the ocean, left me asking, "That's the end?" I still feel distant from the Cappie-Rebecca love story, despite her current devastation, and the Franny-Evan hook up has been a long-time coming, and quite frankly, a bit infuriating.

But while not executed completely successfully, the themes behind the show, namely the debate between having a to-the-letter plan and going where the wind blows, is summed up best when Calvin asks, "Since when did ambition become such a terrible attribute?" Each character is left at the end of season 2 asking what's next: Cappie and Rebecca for their relationship, Evan and Franny for their fling, Ashleigh and her next nameless crush and Rusty and Calvin for their friendship. But ultimately Casey must decide what path she is going to travel and who will be joining her for the ride.

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