June 26, 2008

Camp Rock is No HSM

Attempting to feed off the rampant success of High School Musical 1 and 2, Disney channel released Camp Rock last weekend. But the teeny bopper musical did not receive the same rave reviews or ratings at its predecessors. It raked up 16.2 million viewers over the premier weekend on Disney channel, ABC Family and ABC, almost the same amount of viewers as HSM2 on the night it premiered.

Despite it's stars, the cute, uber religious boy band, The Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock did not have the same sparkle as HSM. I was really looking forward to the pre-pubescent kids randomly breaking into song and dance at every emotional juncture. Instead, they only performed when there was a mic night or end of the summer talent show at their musical camp. The music wasn't as catchy as HSM and the dance numbers not as elaborate. Maybe it was because the cast appeared younger and not as seasoned than Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

But I am 24-year-olds, sadly way past Disney channel's target audience, really it shouldn't be entertaining to me. Except the beauty of HSM was its appeal to children and their parents/grandparents/older siblings. Most of my friends (who do not have kids and used their nieces/nephews/cousins as cover up), watched HSM not once, but numerous times and can probably sing along to most of the soundtrack. (Some of us even still have it on TiVo and rewatch the cafeteria dance scene).

Disney channel has generally done a good job with making their movies enjoyable for the whole family. While Camp Rock wasn't painful to sit through, it didn't live up to HSM (but I guess not much can).

And as a side note, I know these shows are for children, but I am still waiting for a Disney channel kiss. I was really hoping the first one would come from Joe Jonas, but no such luck.

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