June 6, 2008

...And to Add to the Devestation

My Google stalking has revealed that not only do most of the SYTYCD top dancers know each other and have danced and competed together before (namely in a little movie called High School Musical), but have actually worked with and trained with the judges and choreographers.

According to South County Class Ballet's Web site, both Katee "I am not auditioning again" Shean and Stephen "Twitch" Boss are instructors at the school. Not only that, but, "Shean received much of her training from Mark Foehringer, Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore." http://http://www.southcountyclassicalballet.com/Katee_Shean.php

Also, Odyssey Dance Theater in Salt Lake City, UT is home to two of this season's top 20, Matt Dorame and Thayne Jasperson, both of whom have also been choreographed by Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore. http://http://www.exploredance.com/article.htm?id=1830

I get that the dance world can be a tight-knit group, but what bothers me is the judges pretending as though they have never seen the contestants perform. It also changes the dynamics of their interaction with Katee.

And why does Debbie Allan have to step down as a judge since Will Wingfield is her protege, but Mia Michaels can stay on board?


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